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Halloween men's and women's clothes - DressLily

Halloween is a holiday that has long been popular abroad and is just entering Poland. I have always been envious of these costumes, decorations and children collecting sweets when I watched American movies. This is happening more and more often with us. I definitely like this holiday, and although I don't have plans for it, I would love to watch a scary movie with my boyfriend. There are people who will change, so this post is definitely for them and may be an inspiration. What? Ready for a review of women's and men's Halloween clothes?

All the clothes I will show today are from the Dresslily page. If anyone does not know, I cordially invite you. Lots of interesting and original clothes and accessories. Here are the new arrival:

It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday.

The first thing will be a typically feminine dress. The top is plain black, but the bottom plays a key role here. On a black background we see a red kitty in a hat. It may not be a standard Halloween pattern, but it will fit into this atmosphere. If someone goes to a party on this day, such a dress can be great. Only some bloody additions and you can party! Link to the dress - CLICK

We pass to the gentlemen. Sweatshirts are a favorite part of the wardrobe of almost all men. The one I chose charmed me with its appearance. She is with a hood. The leitmotif is a castle, bats, a cat and trees - a view from a horror movie. However, this is not a regular sweatshirt, but in the galaxy blue and pink colors. I'm a woman, and I'd love to wear one myself. Link to the sweatshirt - CLICK

As we talked about men's sweatshirts, it's time for a women's sweatshirt. And why is it typically women's? Because it falls on one frame. The color is of course the typical Halloween color, i.e. orange, and on the background we can see the cats coming out of the pumpkin and the inscription Halloween. Isn't she cute? Link to the sweatshirt - CLICK

And again we have something masculine, this time more officially, partying because it is nothing but a shirt. But not so ordinary. There is a multitude of small pictures on it. Starting with cats and pumpkins and ending with ghosts. A lot is happening on it, but on the other hand it is not exaggerated. You can even go to the more official part of the Halloween party. Link to shirt - CLICK

And finally, the women's allowance. Women love handbags, and this one will not only work on Halloween but also on a daily basis if someone likes such motives. The bag is small, black, on the strap. It has a multitude of holes and a large cross in the middle. It falls a bit in the Gothic style, but I would certainly wear one myself. It seems to be universal. Purse link - CLICK

As you can see on the website, we can find a lot of inspiration for Halloween, and I'm curious what did you like the most? In addition, I have discounts for you on the site. I would recommend.

Use code:DLBF20 with 20% OFF:  

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  1. Ta pierwsza sukienka ma fantastyczny krój - gdyby była jednokolorowa to ja chętnie bym się na taką skusiła :)


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