Zakupy kosmetyków w firmie Avon

Chcesz kupować produkty Avon taniej? A może chcesz sprzedawać kosmetyki i na tym zarabiać? Dołącz do Avon już teraz, wypełnij formularz rejestracyjny i zostań konsultantką Avon. Kupuj z rabatem do 40%, oszczędzaj lub zarabiaj, odbieraj fantastyczne prezenty, które otrzymasz już od pierwszego zamówienia. Bycie w Avon to zero zobowiązań i mnóstwo korzyści. Sprawdź już teraz co zyskujesz dołączając do firmy jako konsultantka Avon. Nic nie tracisz a zyskać możesz na prawdę wiele.

Maxi dresses from BerryLook

The summer is in full swing, which is why we are looking for new clothes that we can wear. I really like summer for dresses, shorts and colorful summer designs. My wardrobe is full, but I am a person who, as you see something nice, cannot resist. Today again I will introduce you to a nice store called BerryLook. There are so many great quality clothes, e.g. trendy tops. You can literally chasm browsing beautiful blouses for all occasions.

I can definitely call maxi dresses this summer. They are airy, the figure in them looks divine, there are a lot of interesting patterns and colors. I have several such dresses in my collection, but I'm still looking for something new. Today I will introduce you to my two favorites that stole my heart.

I haven't had a checkered dress in my life, let alone this maxi. It is beautiful. Despite my long sleeves, I would wear it at the beginning of September when it is a bit colder. Above it is fitted, for a long sleeve, and in the waist we have cut-off and wide skirts down. She is elegant. It works great for some larger celebration or just for a date outdoors. Link to the dress - click

The second dress is one hundred percent my style - a pink, elegant dress. In this we can easily go to a wedding or other major events. It is on a short sleeve, the top is made of lace, which adds to its charm. The bottom is airy and very girly pink. The whole can be completed with a clutch bag and high heels, let's not forget about jewelry. You can find the dress here - click

There were only two dresses, and there are a lot of them, as I have already mentioned. Not only can you find cheap maxi dress there but also accessories, shoes or pants. I recommend looking and finding something for yourself. Do you know this store?

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  1. ale piękne sukienki! jak dla mnie zdecydowanie ta biało-różowa, szkoda, ze nie na moją figurę :<


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